7th & 8th Grade Jr. High Ministry

Overall Mission of the Jr. High Youth Ministry

Confirmation is to complete or fulfill the promise of baptism. That means that this is the point where we make a strong effort to have each student come to a point where they “own” their own faith in Christ, and where they have their own relationship with Christ that is no longer found solely in the parents relationship with Christ.

We will accomplish this with certain core values

  • Outreach/Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Community/Fellowship
  • Ministry/service
  • Worship
  • Student Leadership
  • Adult Leadership
  • Bible
  • Prayer
  • Excellence

In everything we do, we will seek to follow our mission and core values as a guide. For instance…

  • Outreach – Seek to have fun events that students can bring friends to like bike trips, days in the park, and Halloween events
  • Discipleship – Guides will be their mentors as they continue to walk in the journey of faith
  • Community – We are seeking to create a community where students will want to spend time and connect with one another and adults. Community can be the single most influential thing in a student’s life, and we want to have a good one available for any that wish to be a part of it.
  • Student Leadership – Students who wish to be involved in leadership will have the opportunity to develop and use that gift with younger kids.
  • Adult Leadership – Caring adults can have a huge impact on students…especially when it isn’t their parent, pastor, or youth pastor.
  • Bible – The teaching we do in confirmation will be based on the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, and we hope to help kids to see the value and relevance of the Bible in their lives
  • Prayer – Prayer will be present at everything we do in some way or another.
  • Excellence – We don’t want to do things unless we are willing to do the work to do them with excellence that will glorify God.

We will seek to give each student the opportunity to see God in a number of different ways so that they will allow Him to touch their lives and change them forever.

For more information on how your Jr. High Youth can participate, contact the church office at (530)221-6474