Tabitha Circle

God calls us to serve in many ways and always in love with hope and joy.  The Tabitha Circle is a group of women who gather each Thursday from noon - 3:00 PM with the passion for making quilts that bring comfort and prayers to those who suffer.

The quilts are donated to those who are sick or in trouble which could be women and children in shelters, One Safe Place, Veterans Homes, Lutheran World Relief, etc.  This is about hope and the healing power of knowing that we are never alone when we suffer.

"Because prayer quilts are more than blankets. They are visible, tangible, physical evidence of faith--faith in God, faith in love, and faith in prayer.

But perhaps most importantly, they are also a symbol of faith in one another. When we make a prayer quilt, we are declaring our belief that love for one another as children of God is so strong it can be a force for change." Fabric of Faith by Kimberly Winston